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Existing patients can schedule visits online by visiting this link:


Currently, there are 4 types of visits that can be scheduled online:

1. Chiropractic treatment - this is a routine chiropractic appointment, most commonly used for treatment of an ongoing condition, or for a maintenance care visit.  This type of visit is not for a new condition, a new injury, or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last visit at our clinic.

2. New Episode - this visit is for treatment of a condition that you have had treatment for at our clinic in the past and recovered from, but has not come back to some extent.  This is not for an issue that is a result of trauma or sickness.

3. New Injury/Condition - this visit is for treatment of an issue that has not been evaluated/treated at our clinic before.

4. Re-examination - this is the "It's been a while" since you've been into the clinic (6 months or longer).  This visit can be for routine maintenance or an new/worsened condition.

There are a few quirks with the system at this point:

* Visits can only be made with at least 3 hours notice.  If you need a visit sooner, please call our office or use the "Appointment Request" link above or the "Contact Us" form below.

*Visits cannot be modified once they are scheduled.  If you need to change an appointment or cancel it, please call our office.

*To schedule multiple members of your family, please make a separate account for each of them.  Once their account is made, we can link your accounts together on our end.


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